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At NorthCoast, we are anxious to help our clients make their business better. Our service delivery strengths have benefited clients across both the private and public sectors.

Leadership and Strategy | Business Consulting


 The strategic leader possesses a view of their teams in a holistic sense. This isn't something that can be readily learned in a classroom. Our mentoring services will help you determine your unique leadership style, identify and leverage your strengths while giving your awareness of your weaknesses to help you become a more self-aware leader bringing real value to your organization. 

 Businesses need vision and direction. Without it, you will flounder in your market, struggle to retain employees and confuse your customers. We can work with you to identify the steps that you can take to help you move your organization to the next level of effectiveness by improving your ability to develop real insight and forward thinking capabilities. 

Project Management and Business Transformation


 We provide fully certified Project Management ProfessionalsĀ®, to deliver specialized services including planning and scoping, risk and change management, business impact analysis, contracting, negotiation and vendor management. Leveraging proven expertise to deliver high quality projects will help to empower your employees and grow your customer base.

 Standing still is a sure-fire way to move towards mediocre performance and sub-standard results. To truly transform, you need to consider all the facets of your organization. Your people, the processes you employ and the technology you use are each important in their individual silos, but when aligned together will bring about real accomplishment to your teams.